Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Story of Creation (3) – Earth Formation in 6 Days, Matching between Quranic, Biblical and Science Calendars…


1-    Debate over Earth Age
2-    Scientific Calendar
3-    Islamic Calendar
4-    Biblical Calendar
5-    The 7,000 Years period !!
6-    Lessons Learned

1-    Debate over Earth Age

We spoke before about universe creation and said that each of universal days was equal to 2 billion years as per Quranic calendar.

When I was going to write about Earth formation according to Islamic references from Quran and Hadith (Prophet’s Sayings), I discovered that they don’t match in time period with science findings but they match in order.

According to Quran, Earth creation started on day 1, means between last 14-12  billion years period, but scientists say that it’s since 4.5 billion years only, and this according to their age measurements on oldest stone that they were able to test (3km depth).
I was going to stop here and move to Earth attributes, but after some research, I discovered 4 astonishing facts

1- Recent finding by NASA: that the first stars were few million years after the Big bang and some stayed for few hundred millions years before they switched OFF.

Quoted from WMAP project by NASA:

[Another breakthrough derived from WMAP data is clear evidence the first stars took more than a half-billion years to create a cosmic fog. 
Credit: WMAP Science Team "We now have evidence that the creation of this fog was a drawn-out process, starting when the universe was about 400 million years old and lasting for half a billion years," said WMAP team member Joanna Dunkley of the University of Oxford in the U.K. and Princeton University in Princeton, N.J. "These measurements are currently possible only with WMAP.”] [1]

This fact matches with Islamic facts that Earth, Sun, Moon, were shining stars (burning planets) before the Earth and later on the moon were cooled down, therefore the start of Earth could be as early as the 14-13 billion year period. 

Thursday, February 10, 2011

(2) – Hellfire Breath and the Fluctuation of Universe Temperature

1- La Supernovas
2- Supernova Cosmology Project
3- Universe Temperature Fluctuation
4- Sunspot Cycle
5- Cosmic Rays and its Effects on Climate
6- Islamic Explanation: Hell Fire
I was searching on internet about universe temperature and I found a very interesting study on kind of supernovas called “la supernova”. I will quote some of recent studies findings on this subject and others related to universe and Earth temperature and I will try to link between 4 main studies. 

The scientific researches on this subject are still new and didn’t solve the mystery behind supernovas behavior yet, and I am sure that the Islamic explanation will be so astonished to the working scientists.

Dear Reader, if you find that science part is new for you, please read the summary section at its end before reading the Islamic explanation.


1st Research – La Supernovas

Quoted from Wikipedia – Supernova

[A supernova (plural supernovae) is a stellar explosion that is more energetic than a nova. Supernovae are extremely luminous and cause a burst of radiation that often briefly outshines an entire galaxy, before fading from view over several weeks or months. During this short interval a supernova can radiate as much energy as the Sun is expected to emit over its entire life span. The explosion expels much or all of a star's material at a velocity of up to 30,000 km/s (10% of the speed of light), driving a shock wave into the surrounding interstellar medium. This shock wave sweeps up an expanding shell of gas and dust called a supernova remnant.] [1]