Monday, May 28, 2012

The Story of Creation (18 - A): Tuba Volcanic Eruption and Noah Flood, Noah's Ark Remains...

It's well known that Atheists deny the existence of prophets and messengers of God, if not all then most of them, whenever they hear their stories they reply exactly as described in the holy Quran in the following verse:

ومنهم من يستمع اليك وجعلنا على قلوبهم اكنة ان يفقهوه وفي اذانهم وقرا وان يروا كل اية لا يؤمنوا بها حتى اذا جاؤوك يجادلونك يقول الذين كفروا ان هذا الا اساطير الاولين

There are those among them who (apparently) listen to you, but We have put coverings on their hearts, so that they do not understand, and heaviness in their ears. If they were to see all the signs, they would still not believe in them, so much so that, when they come to quarrel with you, the disbelievers say, “It is nothing but tales of the ancients.” [6:25]

But, how to convince the Atheists that prophets were real and existed on Earth once, and their stories are not tales of the Ancients? 

Fortunately, the answer is easy and it's because of ALLAH wisdom he gave it to us in his holy book, each time he mentions a story of his main prophets he mentions a great natural or humans happening (or phenomenon) that can be tracked or seen till our days, so by proving that such event happened once then during its time there was a prophet too, exactly as ALLAH said.

So starting with Noah (PBUH), the main event was the flood, but how we can prove it scientifically?

Before talking about Noah story in Quran, let's review the following facts about Ice age, Glacial flood, and Toba super-eruption in short.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Story of Creation (17-C): Evolution and Spreading of Early Humans after Adam…


1-     DNA deterioration (Aging, Graying)
2-     Humans Genetics Drifting
3-     “Out of Africa” vs. “Out-of-Arabia” Theory?
4-     Tribes and Nations
5-     Arabia Nature during Prehistory Times

Before start talking about the Prophets, lets mention some important facts about Humans development after Adam mentioned in the holy Quran and compare them with Science recent findings.

1- DNA deterioration (Aging, Graying)

Following to Part 17 (Adam & Eve), we mentioned that Humans creation were huge in size and lived for long age, that can reach 1000 of years, and Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) mentioned in one of his Hadiths that Prophet Ibrahim (PBUH) was the first one to see the gray hair over his head, and this indication that ageing was not common in Early humans but appeared in later generations. But can we prove this scientifically? Let’s see..


Quoted from - Aging and Death May be a Product of Evolution [1]: