Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Story of Creation (18 - E): Prophet Yusuf, Prophet Mosses and the Pharaoh of Egypt…


Prophet Yusuf "Joseph" (PBUH)

1- Egypt ruled by "Kings"
2- The name of the minister was Al-Aziz
3- The Drought of 7 years Long

Prophet Mosses (PBUH) 

1- Torturing Children of Israel by the Pharaohs
2- The Pharaoh is the King of all Egypt
3- "Haman" the Prime Minister of the Pharaoh
4- Building the pyramids, Why and How?
5- Pharaoh of the stakes  (dowels) !!
6- Karoun, Pharaoh and Haman were all during Mosses times
7- Karoun swallowed by Earth with his house and treasures
8- Festival of "Ornament, Decoration" Day
9- Forcing to Learn Magic
10- The Drought during Mosses Times
11- Egypt Cities and Military Alert System
12- Destruction of Egypt state and the rise of Israel Kingdom

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