Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What brought us here?

1st Scene: Time: Day of Judgment, Place: the gathering field for all nations…

The long and horrible time of Day of Judgment is almost ended…

The Believers are seen far away and high from the gathering field, they are full of joy, happiness and satisfied with their families and children, they are already gathered, shining with heavenly light, surrounded by the Angels and led to the way of paradise, some are already therein and checking their new and fabulous houses and lands.

But, the infidels are chained in groups and they are pushed, kicked and thrown one after another into Hell.

But, there is still one question that is circling in Atheists’ heads in such terrifying time !!


Why it’s happening to us? What brought us into here?

To hell; the ultimate pain and infinite torment…

We were the smarter in life, the most educated and most sophisticated..
How we couldn’t figure it out by ourselves…

How come that weaker people than us and ordinary persons were able to survive and saved themselves but we failed..

They reached the hell cliff and it’s time to be thrown in..

2nd Scene: At Hells’ Doors..

The view is horrible, fire and smoke everywhere, hell is full of holes and each one is full of bunch of suffering people, dressed in Iron and black tar, each human is changed with his or her nasty devil..

Huge size of Scorpions and snakes are biting people everywhere, hearing their screams high in hell’s dark sky, their voices' echo comes from everywhere..

Hells keepers, the terrifying Angels, are whipping people every time they are gathered in one side, beating them by long and heavy metallic chain, they are scattering again and running again to another side, but there is no hope….

No food, No Water, no Shelter, no wives, no children, no houses…
No bounties will be seen or felt any more…

Only Pain…

3rd Scene: Inside Hell..

Later on, between the frequent of torment, infidels came to each others and start asking again:

“What brought us here??” Were we that stupid?? It can’t be??

There were bunches of scientists among us?? We read and studied too much??

But, how we couldn’t figure it out? Did we think too much? what prevented us to believe?.

Was it that clear that ordinary people were able to save themselves but we couldn’t?

They start giving answers maybe they can be relived from their internal pain that is accompanied by their external pain.

Q- Didn’t ALLAH send us books one after the another?

A- Yes, the Torah, Gospels, and Quran..

Q- What did prove that these books were from God?

A- They said so, and it’s the only books that were copied centuries after centuries as words of Gods, no other books like that, ALLAH didn’t allow anyone to claim such thing during all history, otherwise they were destroyed and burned and never survived for such long period.

Then ALLAH kept these books for us but we ignored them..

Q- Why we didn’t read them or check them at least?

A- Some of us had read them but not all of them, and there are some contradictions between them..

Q- So, why we didn’t check the last book, The Quran? It was always there and available all time…

A- Some of us checked and some talked badly about it..

Q- Is this enough, we had to check it by ourselves, it’s our destiny, why we didn’t do it? Were we so lazy? Where we so stupid or lenient about our fate??

Another meal of torment, as Angels will not leave us for long time, we are thirsty and exhausted but there is no meal other than Zaqum, the cursed tree and the only one in hell which has fruit like head of demons, and boiling water is our sole drink..
Look they are fighting to eat and filling their bellies from both of them….

4th Scene: Another Round of Questions.

Q- If we didn’t read the book of God, why we didn’t notice the Creation?

A- Yes, surely we did and many of us had studies and papers about World Creation, on universe, Earth, mountains, oceans, water, plants, animals, humans, almost everything..

Q- Why we didn’t ask ourselves, that simple question: Who did that?

A- We thought it was done by itself, with no Creator, no God…

Q- From where did we get such stupid answer?

And we are the most people who know that simple elements can’t join into complex compounds without exterior power..

We tested it in our labs; substances can’t gather by itself unless mixed by someone, and sometimes it needs additional catalysts to form the final material, or certain conditions of temperature and pressure.
We tested it in our factories, we bring wood, metal, plastic and we gather them to build machines, cars, or trucks, it can’t be done by itself, impossible…

We tested it in our buildings, we bring sand, stone, steel, and we build it by our staff, it can’t be built by itself alone, impossible..

So, how come we didn’t think how the world was formed by only atoms of hydrogen and oxygen to a such complex form of Earth and living systems..

Ohhhh, how stupid we were on Earth!!

How stupid that we didn’t notice that Earth had: Environmental perfect system, Pressure system, Wind and Clouds system, water cycle system, Atmosphere protection system, Ocean life system, land life system, flying birds system, day and night  system, season system, etc..

Could be all these complex systems been created from simple hydrogen atoms that accidentally joined together without exterior power, without greater power, without GOD !!!

Q- What we were thinking of at that time?? How come we bit on our life, our destiny and saying nothing will happen??
Look there…

Some of the believers from heaven are looking down on us from their heaven !!

Q- Why they do that always?

They increase our pain and they increase their happiness for their salvation..

They thank ALLAH for saving themselves, and we curse ourselves more..
Again and again, people of hell gather beneath them asking for water..
Still dreaming of Cold Water, we will never taste it any more..
They returned back to their pleasure and we left in our torment again…

Final Scene: The Only and Final Answer..

Atheists gathered again, asking and searching for answers..

Q- Ok, we didn’t figure the books are from God, we didn’t figure that world can’t be done by itself, so why we didn’t ask the other people, the believers?

A- It seems you forget, we were not only stupid, but also Arrogant !!
We were the most arrogant, we disgraced all believers, we refused to hear or to listen to them…

Q- If we refused, at least why we didn’t notice their work?

They were praying day and night, they were asking God for mercy and salvation from this horrible place..
They were fasting, they were giving the poor, they were performing pilgrimage every year..

Q- At least, why we didn’t ask ourselves that it’s impossible by human mean to convince people to do all this by their own?

Did we ever be able to manage 3 million people to come from all over the world and to pay their life savings to come to a place in desert just to ask God for his mercy… 

Did we ever be able to manage 1.5 billion or 1 billion, or 100 million or 10 million or 1 million or even 100,000 people to pray 5 times a day or to fast for a complete month, with no physical reward in this life, but only on hope for the heaven in the hereafter.. 
It's even impossible to convince 5 people to eat the same meal, so how to convince 1.5 billion to fast for a complete month !!! 

He was God, who was leading them to the right way, but we kept our eyes and ears closed..
    So, what brought us here?  

    No answer….

    Except one, that will be repeated in Hell for ages and ages coming…

    “We wronged them not, but they it was who did the wrong.”

    “We wronged them not, but they it was who did the wrong.”

    “We wronged them not, but they it was who did the wrong.” [Quran, 43:76]


    1. It seems that the religious will follow the demands of whatever god they choose, no matter how capricious, self-righteous, or demanding that god may be. You have left out consideration of gods having origins other than those of Abraham (or whatever his name is in the language of your choice); e.g. consider the Hindu gods. Their written scriptures predate any of the ones you considered in your story.

      You have directed this one at atheists and painted dire consequences of not believing the contents of the Qur'an, but you have neglected the one thing that unites much of atheist thinking: skepticism toward anything not shown by physical evidence. This is directly opposed to the faith that your religion requires.

      I tried before to get you to see this obstacle to your quest. Only after you overcome the hurdle of physical evidence will you succeed. There is a mistaken belief in the Christian community that rather than using the positive approach and proving anything about their triune god, that if they take the negative approach and destroy the try to knock down what they mistakenly think is a pillar of atheist thinking, they will succeed in converting them to the Christian god.

      I'm almost sure you will ignore this observation, but if you succeed in converting an atheist to Allah with you current approach, I would appreciate the details.

      Blogspot won't let me sign my name, but I am RevDrDigby (Mr. Flower).

    2. Dear Mr. Flower

      Sorry to tell you that you will never see the evidence that you are asking for..

      Do you know why?

      Because you decided to close your eyes and ears and heart, and you took your mind and beloved things as your God and your Idol !!

      You still assuming that you are higher than your God and he has to prove himself for you, which it doesn’t work like that ever..


      Unless you consider yourself far lower than your God and you need him, and you break your unworthy God (your mind statue in your head)..
      Then after your break it, you ask very modestly your God:

      “O mighty God, O my Creator, Show me the way to you, Teach me to know you better…”

      Then and only then you will see the evidences that you are asking for..

      You will see his glory in everything around you..

      You will hear his words in your brain in each of his creation around you..


      I pray to God and I hope that you’ll understand my words..