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1st Debate (1/3) – If GOD does not exist, then WHY we feel God?

Dear All,

I was really astonished; 

From all your 73 replies there was only 1 who said yes there is God, and 1 maybe…

But, if there is no GOD, then why I feel it there is? Why all people feel it there is?

Look around, why anyone any person, white or black, young or old, man or woman, rich or poor, whenever he or she under the maxim pressure, they scream: OH MY GOD…

Why if any person is completely sad, crying for death of a friend or son or father or mother, or lover, he cries: OH my GOD.

Why if a father hears that his son or daughter was killed, he starts crying, looking above on sky, and screaming in a full anger, and says: WHY MY GOD, WHY.

Why if a person, is extremely scared, knows that he was captured by the worst gang in strange country, and he saw that they are executing one after the another, and his turn comes and they are dragging him to execution point, … he screams: NO, NO, NO MY GOD……..

They shout him...

Please concentrate on the coming one, take a breath, focus….
And imagine now:

Why if you are a father or a mother, playing with your 3 years old outside your house, with a ball, and it runs down to the street, you were few meters away and you suddenly notice that your child run after the ball, and walks now in the middle of the street…


You run to catch him, but you notice that a car is driving quickly, towards your son….
One second passes like a day in your mind…

You calculate all speed and time equations in your mind and notice that you can’t save him before the car hit him ever, you hear the awful sound of car’s break high in your mind ….

A part of second passes....

And you see that car had finally touches your little son’s leg and….
You close your eyes and hold your hands on your face …

And with all your blood, nervous, muscles, bones, and all your body with maxim power you scream: OHHH MYYY ………..


What. What did you say….

I didn’t say God in last one, why you said that?


Question no.2

WHY we “People” feel God does exist, especially when we are in our worst situation, when we are extremely Sad, extremely Angry, extremely Scared, extremely Pained?

Note that, this question is not an easy one, please take at least 24 hours before answering.
Please think and think and think….

Thanks all, and waiting your answer…


Part 1 / 2 - Answer no.2:

Dear all Friends, 

The following is the answer for: why we feel God?

After reading your comments, I have to admit that some of you had found pieces of the answer, and if you collect them all, you may able to solve this puzzle.

So let’s list all these pieces that you’ve already mentioned:

1.    Looking at sky when calling God, which is true because you never see a human being looks down, or to his right, or his left, it’s always up when calling his god.

2.    The cause is related to human spirit, which is true.

3.    Human asks or searches for supernatural power during such extreme situations, which is true also..

4.    We are programmed to do this and not learned, but we don’t know who and how we were programmed. Yes, it’s also correct.

So, what are the missing pieces to complete the answer?

The missing are the following known facts:
1.    Living Human = Human body + Human Spirit

2.    Human spirit joins his body inside his mother’s womb.

3.    Spirit descends from Heaven.

4.    When human dies, the spirit ascend to heaven.

Still one missing piece, and it’s the trick of this puzzle but it can be found by observing the case:
On extreme pressure the body halts and almost all functions inside human brain stop too, like a PC when it crashes the CP load and other services became 100% loaded.

Therefore the human body is highly tensioned, froze and not functioning, then what does scream is THE SPIRIT, and it’s who says: Oh my God!! because of that you don’t know why you said it, because it was not your intention.

The spirit also screams again when the human body suffers from high and instant pain even if it’s not continuous or human body was not under danger, like when you are walking and hit your knee in a table corner strongly and by accident.

But still we didn’t solve the whole puzzle, because if it’s the spirit which screams not the body, so how did it knows that GOD is the only supernatural power that can help in such situation? And from where did it know God?

Although we get 2 new questions again instead of 1 but it becomes easier to solve, just we have to put all the pieces in order and the missing one will be figured immediately.

Let’s see how…

Taking the same example of the executed man, and include all his life cycle, and sort it again but in inverse order as following:

-          Step 9 - Spirit rose to Heaven.

-          Step 8 - Human body dies. (e.g. executed)

-          Step 7 - Spirit cries for a supernatural power that the only one can help (Oh my GOD) !!

-          Step 6 - Spirit screams because of human pain or suffering.

-          Step 5 - Human captured and afraid.

-          Step 4 - Human is born and spends his life.

-          Step 3 - Spirit joins the human infant inside the womb.

-          Step 2 - Spirit descend from heaven.

-          Step 1 - ??????


Please read the above steps again before proceeding and try to figure it alone.


If you read it again and didn’t figure it yet, please read it all again backward and forward.


Then the first step is the answer that we are all looking for, which is obviously the following:


Because our spirits were created in heaven, then certainly and undoubtedly our spirits did saw GOD, and knew that he is the supernatural power over all things!!!!!

Not only that, but we heard him and talked to him too before our spirits descended to Earth !!!


Now since you’ve asked me to remove the part that include quotes from religious resources in my answer, I didn’t complete the following part, although I find it interesting:

-          What is the world of spirits?

-          What is the natural of spirit? Weight, smell?

-          Were all spirits created on the same time?

-          When our spirits descend from heaven, and how?

-          What did God say to us before we descend?

-          Why we forget what he said to us?

-          What he will say to us when we saw him again?

-          What will happen to a dead soul when it rose back to heaven?

-          How the good soul and bad soul will be treated when they return back?

-          When some of our spirits remember what God said to them?

-          Why we have soul mates and soul enemies?

-          Why we see evil spirits during nightmares?

-          Do evil spirits really whisper in our ears?

-          Do evil spirits mix with human spirits?

-          Do evil spirits affected by day time?

-          Who are the keepers Angels, and the soul companion?

-          Why we see some dead people souls while sleeping?

-          Do dead people souls visit their relatives after death, and do they see each others souls?

 -          Why some die during their sleeping, although they are healthy?

-          What is the meaning of the tunnel which has light at end, which is seen by people were dying but they return back to life?

-          Who is the voice at end of tunnel that says to them:

“Go back, it’s not your time yet”, then they wake up!!!



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