Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Story of Creation (1) – How was the Universe being created? And when?


Introduction, Declaration, Acknowledgement

1-    Who did create the universe, and when he started?
2-    How it was created? “Big Bang Theory”, is it true?
3-    Universes Creation
4-    Universe Expansion, Acceleration & Earth location
5-    How was the Universe built?
6-    Universe Wonders:
  • Black holes, Pulsating stars, The Star Sirius, Diminishing Stars, Stars Positions
7- Unexplained Signs Yet:
  • Ways in the Space, Holes into Other Universes, Universe Gates, Sky Towers, Sky Listening Chairs (Stations), Shooting Stars


God is the supreme power, he is the one who created the whole universe, the heavens and Earth, and he who had created the humans, and he is the one and only one who deserves to be worshiped only.

Muslims claim that ALLAH is the God and the only God of all what is created in Universe, and he who had revealed his last book the “Holy Quran” to his last messenger Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

In this holy book, there are many verses that describe Universe Creation, and since Science has advanced a lot in knowing how the universe was created, we can compare the facts from both resources (Quran, Science), and if they match then definitely ALLAH is really the ONE, and he is Almighty God.

Knowing that, Quran is NOT a book of “Science” but book of “Signs”, to show us the wonders of God’s work in Universe.


For those who don’t know Quran and its interpretation, it’s not a mankind book but God’s words, and to understand correctly what is meant by any of its words, you have to note the following:

Saturday, January 15, 2011

1st Debate (3/3), The World of Spirits..

Dear All,

The following part was not posted on your forum because of your Admin request  hat not  to include any information taken from religious resources, but since many of you requested from me or tried to get the answers of questions list in 1st section, therefore I added all the answers on my blog.

We all know already that science is still not able to figure out the nature of Spirits World and what is happening there, therefore most of my answers below are taken from Islamic references.

Please take your time in reading the below not necessary all at once, if it’s the first time for you to get such information.

1-    What is the World of Spirits?
2-    What is the natural of spirit? Weight & Smell?
3-    Were all spirits created on the same time?
4-    When our spirits descend from heaven, and how?
5-    What did God say to us before we descend?
6-    Why we forget what he said to us?
7-    What will happen to a dead soul when it rose back to heaven?
8-    What God will say to us when we saw him again?
9-    When some of our spirits remember what God said to them?
10- Why we have soul mates and soul enemies?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

1st Debate (2/3) – If GOD does not exist, then WHY we feel God?

Comment on part (1): What is the proof of the 4 above facts?

The Proof:

Although you agreed on first one, but I will approve them all for you, so to be clear:

Fact 1:  Living Human = Human body + Human Spirit

Let’s see what is the difference between living and dead human being?
Very obvious that there is a difference, if maybe not clear to someone, then he must do the following:
Go to a cemetery and stand in front of a tomb (has a dead person inside for sure) and start insulting him:  I WILL………. nothing will happen of course.

Now, walk to street and choose a very strong man and say to him the same thing:  I WILL...., of course something big will happen.
So there is a difference, which will name it  as variable “X”, and added it to the living body  because it produced energy more than the dead body.


Dead Human = Human Body 

Living Human = Human Body + X

Subtract both equation will get = Living – Dead = (Body – Body) + X = X only.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

1st Debate (1/3) – If GOD does not exist, then WHY we feel God?

Dear All,

I was really astonished; 

From all your 73 replies there was only 1 who said yes there is God, and 1 maybe…

But, if there is no GOD, then why I feel it there is? Why all people feel it there is?

Look around, why anyone any person, white or black, young or old, man or woman, rich or poor, whenever he or she under the maxim pressure, they scream: OH MY GOD…

Why if any person is completely sad, crying for death of a friend or son or father or mother, or lover, he cries: OH my GOD.

Why if a father hears that his son or daughter was killed, he starts crying, looking above on sky, and screaming in a full anger, and says: WHY MY GOD, WHY.

Why if a person, is extremely scared, knows that he was captured by the worst gang in strange country, and he saw that they are executing one after the another, and his turn comes and they are dragging him to execution point, … he screams: NO, NO, NO MY GOD……..